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Ok guys I’m renewing this post. I have quit Clubpenguin and I’m probably not comming back.

HOWEVER I might be on Cp from time to time…….so i might get back into it but I will not get a membership. But if I get really into it I might get 1. And you have to really hope that I’ll get another interest for it because if I do I might be a Cp blogger again.

This is not comfirm that I’m rejoining

Still Subscribe to me on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/buzzlight764cp add me as a friend and all of that crap.



I’ve gotten comments and stuff about this game. I don’t play clubpenguin anymore. I probably never will in the future. My twitter is https://twitter.com/Thebuzz76. (I’ve also gotten spam comments wanting my information..um no I’m not stupid.


This website is sadly dead. It was a fun time while it lasted and this post is like 2/3 years overdue but I keep getting n00bs commenting about wanted to be “famuse” on a youtube “veido” So Bye Guys. My new youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com./user/thebuzzlight76



Hey guys so far this sites stats are good but the comment are thumbs down. Comment if you still visit this site every once and a while. That includes authors and even buzz.

Hey everyone it’s Braydendk here and today when I was looking at the clothing catalog and a noticed a new shirt design. Check it out:

So do you like the last two new designs? I like the last one.

Let me know in a comment what you think.


Stadium Glitch

Hey guys today I went on cp and i found a glitch! When you go to the forts u see a scoreboard:

But theres no scoreboard when you enter the stadium:

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Admin Braydendk

Hey everyone! It’s me Braydendk here and I’m a new admin for buzz. So I’ll be posting, making my bio page, and moderating the comments. So if there’s any questions just comment it on this post. So here’s my penguin!